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From a young child Sarah has always been in tune with her intuition and spiritual capabilities. Sarah feels it is her life purpose to guide others throughout their human journey. Sarah is a qualified Reiki healer spiritual life coach psychic and medium and has an in depth knowledge ...

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Don`t Let Spring Equinox Slip Away!
by Naomi Otley
It’s always news when a solar eclipse throws a populated area into darkness, or when a comet streaks through the heavens for all to see. Yet celestial events like the equinox and solstice tend to sneak by unnoticed. Caught up in the daily grind, we lose sight of the tradition and deep meaning behind these sacred calendar days.

Ask anybody which day is associated with growth and renewal, and most will answer 1st January. But in many ways, spring equinox is a far more sensible choice! In fact, many parts of Europe did consider this to be the new year—right up until the 18th century.

Why? Because it marks the tipping point where light becomes stronger than darkness. Day will now be longer than night until autumn equinox, when the scales tip once again. 

Consider the fact that Christian, Egyptian and Mayan traditions all associate this time of year with resurrection. It also marks the day when our Sun finishes its cycle through the zodiac and enters fiery Aries once again—signifying a burst of new energy.

These traditions, along with patterns easily observed in nature, paint a clear picture of what spring equinox represents. It’s about planting seeds and tending new growth. It’s about the growing light, the fresh growth of spring, and the fertile scent of earth. On a personal level, now is the time to enroll in that course, start that juice cleanse, do what you’ve been putting off. Now is the time to shake off apprehension and mark new territory.

Balance is also an important theme of spring equinox. This is one of only two days out of the year when day and night strike a perfect balance. As such, they speak of balance in all things: Light and dark, masculine and feminine, creative and receptive, yin and yang. Both sides are needed to grow spiritually. The equinox asks us to ask ourselves: Can I accept the the interplay of light and darkness? Are there areas I fear? Are there places where I can improve? Do I understand that all phenomena—whether physical, spiritual or psychic—are part of a great natural cycle?

A simple ceremony for spring equinox

Make a comfortable ceremonial space, outside if possible. Use whatever objects or talismans you have that feel appropriate to the energy of fertility and growth. If you don’t have any such objects, or prefer not to use them, it’s no problem. The most important thing is your thoughts and intentions. 

With a view toward the earth or trees, close your eyes and focus your energy on gratitude. Another winter has passed, and the planet is alive with new ambitions. Begin to visualise your own plans and ambitions for the year, using as much detail as possible. In what direction does your spirit yearn to grow? Imagine your intentions planted in fertile soil, with plenty of water and sunshine. Imagine the power of nature sustaining and supporting your dreams and ambitions, helping you grow day-by-day. 

This simple observance of spring equinox can be made more potent but holding seeds in your hand as you visualise. This will impart the energy of your thoughts and intentions into the seeds. When finished, plant them in a safe place and tend to them diligently. Each time you do, visualise the thoughts and intentions you put into them coming to fruition. 

Even just taking five minutes to stop and contemplate the balance of the seasons can align you with the energies of nature, and that’s what celebrating spring equinox is all about!

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