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Calls cost $3.96/min inc GST, higher rate calls from payphones and mobile phones. Calls may be recorded, Provided by Help? 1800 270 780
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Psychic Resolutions
by Barney Battles
You`ve made them before. Maybe you`ve even had some success. But more than likely, you`ve seen your share of New Year`s resolutions fall by the wayside and vanish. Here`s how the coming year can be different.

Plus, not minus
Your old resolution might have been ‘I will not eat junk food’. Replace that with ‘I will eat more fruit and vegetables every day.’ This automatically shifts the emphasis from negative to positive, and sends a message of success to your subconscious mind. Most of the time, negative thinking only makes you want something more. Take the words "won`t" and "no" out of your resolutions. Focus on "will" and "yes."

Small, specific steps
The more abstract and lofty the goal, the more likely it will be abandoned. You can`t climb Mt. Everest unless you make plans to travel to the Himalayas, find the right trails, hire some guides, acclimate yourself to the thin air, and so on. If you`re tempted to set big goals, chop them up into manageable pieces that can be digested by the everyday realities of life. When unforeseen circumstances appear—and they surely will—only manageable goals will survive.

Adapt to circumstances
Set a reminder on your phone or computer for 1st March. Ask yourself how that New Year`s resolution is going. If you find it flat-lining, reduce the original goal in order to maintain its pulse. If you were going to meditate for an hour each day, lower the bar to fifteen minutes. Something is better than nothing. Achieving a fraction of the original goal still sends a positive message to the subconscious mind, and lets you know that you are in fact succeeding.

Keep your word on little things
If you aren`t making good on little things—I`ll call you tomorrow, we`ll get together next week—you are sending powerful psychic messages to yourself and others. These negative messages disturb your ability to succeed by reinforcing the idea that you cannot be trusted. Become aware of the little commitments you make, especially the ones you don`t intend to keep. Trim those away. Only say it if you really mean it. This is one of the best habits to be in. It cleanses your psychic energy and gives backbone to all of your commitments.

New words, new directions
A long history of failed New Year`s Resolutions may have caused the words "New Year`s Resolutions" to become tainted in your subconscious mind. If this is the case, think of a new name like "life changes" or "upgrades." If certain goals have failed in the past, put them on the shelf and try new ones. Finding success in new goals may eventually give you the psychic strength you need to face older, more stubborn challenges.

Never say never
The idea of "never again" is a surefire way to overwhelm your resolve and keep you from realizing the change you seek. Allow yourself small amounts of what you fancy. If you want to cut back on something, set specific targets. When quitting completely is within reach, you`ll feel it—but until then, focus on small steps.

Shift the focus
Many resolutions fail because they are rooted in selfishness. To fix this, imagine how your own success will help and inspire others around you. Visualise yourself as a part of the grand scheme of things, rather than one woman or man against the world. Donate to local charities. Be courteous when you`re driving. Smile at a stranger on the sidewalk. The more positive vibes you put out, the stronger (and more natural) your resolve will become.

Consult the natural world
The cleanest psychic energy is found in the world of nature. Appreciating the trees, watching the sunrise, talking long walks—these things act like spiritual tuning forks. They help us to remember what really matters in our lives, and what is natural. As long as your resolutions are good ones, and worth pursuing, the language of nature will strengthen your resolve.

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