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Calls cost $3.96/min inc GST, higher rate calls from payphones and mobile phones. Calls may be recorded, Provided by Help? 1800 270 780
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Psychic Seduction
by Barney Battles
1. Psychic caressing

Most of us imagine touching or caressing the object of our desire, but few understand how to harness the power of this imaginative act. The truth is, other people can feel it when we are focussing our thoughts on them—even more so when those thoughts are sensual.

To make psychic caressing work, first enter into a daydream or meditative state, otherwise known as the Alpha state. This can be done by simply closing your eyes and letting your thoughts drift until you feel in tune with a slightly deeper level of consciousness. Once there, allow an image of your love-interest to form in your mind. Start with a gentle, unobtrusive touch on the arm or shoulders. Feel the person`s skin, the warmth of their body. Through your touch, convey the message that you want be closer to them, and that you are ready when they are.

2. Start the conversation

It may sound simple, but it`s often the single most important step toward seduction. Starting the conversation opens the door for something real to manifest. So why is it so hard?

Before we talk to someone, we often imagine all of the ways it could go wrong. For a smooth first interaction, take a few deep, slow breaths and clear your mind of clutter. Imagine a moment when you felt tranquil and free, without a hint of anxiety. Instead of delivering pre-formulated lines, say something honest and relevant to the moment. Let them know by your smile that you are comfortable with yourself, no matter what their reaction might be.

3. Forget about it

Many of us approach love with an attitude of lack and longing. Despite our attempts to hide it, this energy is being broadcast and received on a psychic level.

Many athletes and artists describe peak performance as being "in the zone." This is a state in which the conscious mind is quiet, and you are confident in your ability to succeed. In this case, getting in the zone is really as simple as cultivating an appreciation of life, and a fundamental acceptance of yourself as you are. When these aspects of your psyche are developed, there is no longer any neediness in your signal. It shines brighter and clearer, and people feel no pressure in flirting with you.

4. Living space

Your home environment is a reflection of who you are and what you want. Making adjustments can harmonize your external reality with your internal desires.

Is there a lot of artwork on your walls representing solitary people and objects? Consider displaying things in pairs. Are there a lot of mirrors or technology in your bedroom? Consider removing these to create a more intimate, sensual environment. Are there a lot of depictions of water in your home? Try shifting the focus to fire and passion. Use your living space as a tool to reinforce the confident and romantic energies in your psyche.

5. Time constraints

Giving the impression that your life is busy and full of options, whether it is true or not, has a surprising effect on the person you want to flirt with. It lets them know that your life is in place, and that you are not depending of them to fill some essential need.

The trick is to part ways after a moment of levity, and leave a lingering impression that a connection has been made. Be sure to exhibit warmth as you make your exit—let them know how much you have enjoyed talking, and that you hope to see them again soon. You should know by now whether asking the digits or setting another time to meet will yield positive results.

5. Eye contact

It is impossible to flirt effectively without eye contact. The amount of psychic energy exchanged during five seconds of eye contact can easily be worth five minutes of conversation.

Some people overdo eye contact, sending a message that is overbearing and uncomfortable. Knowing when to look away and when to meet eyes is an art form, and a key to flirting effectively. Eye contact is a spiritual connection that can range from effortless to intense. The point is to built a mutual level of comfort with the object of your desire, rather than shying away or staring too much.

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