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Calls cost $3.96/min inc GST, higher rate calls from payphones and mobile phones. Calls may be recorded, Provided by Help? 1800 270 780
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Why You Crave a Relationship
by Kes Cross
Society can put a lot of pressure on you to seek out relationships, but perhaps not as much as your own psyche does. It`s only human to pursue a fulfilling partnership, but actively craving one can open the door to psychic imbalance and is often self-defeating. Here we take a look at three of the most significant reasons why you might be craving a relationship.

#1 You feel incomplete

Western popular culture has to some extent conditioned us all to believe that we need another person in our lives to truly be complete. This in turn may lead us to feel that if we are not in a relationship we are somehow lacking as individuals.  From this perspective, desperation and a longing to be in a relationship are natural outcomes. But in craving the love of another person to ‘complete’ your life, you give up much of your personal power as a whole and spiritually fulfilled individual. This can lead to a vicious oscillating circle of unsatisfactory and failed relationships, further perpetuating your cravings ‘to be whole’. The only way to break the cycle is to first become comfortable and satisfied with yourself as a single entity, before seeking another human being to share your life with.

#2 You’re seeking validation

Low self-esteem and rejection can channel your natural psychic energies through negative mental trenches. As children, we subconsciously sought the approval and love of our parents as a means of validating ourselves, and when this was forthcoming we felt good about who we were, and like our lives were worthwhile. As we get older, this need for approval and validation may continue if we lack self-esteem and self-respect. Once we have flown the parental nest, we are inclined to seek such validation from our friends, and from our relationships. Wanting to feel like your life is worthwhile and approved of is entirely human, but if this becomes a desperation then you may become a magnet for psychic abuse and unfulfilling relationships.

#3 You’re lonely

As humans, we are social creatures and we crave company. If you have few friends, or if you seldom see them because they’re busy with their own relationships and lives, then loneliness can set in. When this happens, we may desperately seek out romantic relationships as a means of filling that void and ‘curing’ our loneliness. But blindly jumping into a relationship simply because you’re lonely can potentially lead to trouble, and if your and your partner’s astrological make-ups are incompatible, you may even end up more lonely and spiritually isolated.

It’s important to remember that none of us are truly alone in this world, for we are all part of a loving cosmos. By nurturing your spiritual side and communing with the energies that flow through the universe you can bring peace and love to your soul. But it’s important not to neglect your need for human companionship in the physical world. If your life is lacking in honest and mutually respectful human contact then it may be time to think about joining a club to meet new people, or reconnecting with old friends.

Why craving a relationship can interfere with your energy flows

Craving anything is not necessarily a good thing. The act of desiring and yearning can upset the balance of your emotions, and block the flow of positive energy which you need to nurture your mind, body and soul. By taking a step back from what you are craving and taking time to realign yourself with your spiritual and physical goals, you may find that in time you naturally flow into a relationship based on love and mutual respect.

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