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Calls cost $3.96/min inc GST, higher rate calls from payphones and mobile phones. Calls may be recorded, Provided by Help? 1800 270 780
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I am a Tarot card reader & teacher with many years of experience both in England & abroad. I work together with my spirit guides & guardians to offer insight & guidance to my clients & I aim to assist them to find clarity going forwards in their life.
I feel that I have an honest, non-judgemental but straight-forward & clear style. I am a good listener & aim to work with kindness, tact & empathy.

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Does `The Secret` Really Work?
by Barney Battles
What secret are we talking about? Secrets are sold on a daily basis - the secret to weight loss, the secret of self-confidence, the secret of increasing your attraction. Secrets are valuable things. However, are these secrets as secret as they are supposed to be or, if we were to take a little time each day, could we use our own psychic powers to overcome personal obstacles?

Secrets that are sold to us generally play on our self-doubt and personal fears. While dieting may engender weight loss and going to the gym might increase your self-confidence, these ‘secrets’ are temporary measures and do not cut to the core of the problem. The real secret to fulfilment is that there is no secret!

Motivation, will power and self-discipline

If you are happy in yourself, spiritually aligned and emotionally attuned to those around you then you are far more likely to achieve your goals than you are by buying into the latest secret. By communicating and communing with your psychic self, you can decide exactly what you want from life and begin the path towards getting it. This is part motivation, part will power and part self-discipline.

To begin any change, you must first have the desire to do it. Without the true want, any attempt will fail. By committing to a decision and acknowledging that there is an aspect of yourself that you are unhappy with, you are putting the key in your subconscious’ ignition and starting the engine. From here on, the real ‘secret’ is repeated and positive communication with your psychic self.

Your subconscious is unable to discern fantasy from reality. Consider the tension you experience in watching a thriller or the fear you feel in the throes of a nightmare. By using imagery to communicate your wants to your psychic self, you are setting the wheels in motion to begin a positive and profound chain reaction. Your subconscious also believes every word you tell it - after all, why would you lie to yourself? Perhaps the biggest surprise to most people is that the subconscious only responds to positive instruction. For example, the instruction “I will eat less today” is far more powerful than “I will not eat so much today”, as your psychic self works only from positive energy and positive affirmations.

Learn to relax

The first stage of visualisation is to relax. Many people like to practice their visualisations just before they go to sleep or just after they wake up – a time when the veil between the conscious and subconscious mind is at its weakest. Whatever your problem is, you must visualise the exact opposite. If you are lacking confidence then visualise a time when you were at your most self-assured or even create an image of how you would like to be. You should see these images in as much detail as possible and allow the feelings they create to flow through you. Practice these visualisations at least once a day for two weeks, making notes of your thoughts and feelings.

Be serious about your goals

Each morning, make a positive affirmation to yourself out loud. Speaking your intent out loud is almost like drawing up a contract with your subconscious, letting it know that you are serious about your goals. As your psychic self takes on board the intentions you have in mind, it will begin to engineer subtle changes within you. These may take the forms of feelings or a change of attitude. You may even find yourself making on-the-spot decisions that, a little while ago may have seemed beyond your grasp.

A side benefit of this process is that your subconscious will start to alter other aspects of your existence and bring about other positive changes. Your psychic self wants what is best for you and will do everything that it can to ensure that your desires translate into reality. However, once you are set on the path to overcoming your personal hurdles, continue to commune with your subconscious on a regular basis. By taking time to look within yourself, you will become more attuned to your psychic state and quickly be able to identify any problems that are preventing you from getting the most out of life.

There are no short cuts to personal fulfilment, but there are more direct paths. Going to the gym because you have been told it is a secret is not the same as going to the gym because you want to and have arrived at that decision through positive action. The latter is more likely to see you maintain good habits than the former, because you will be enjoying a sense of inner harmony which cannot help but have a beneficial effect on your physical being. You may find that many of these so-called secrets have a price tag attached to them, whereas self-knowledge comes for free. But don’t tell anyone. It’s your own, personal secret...

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