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Calls cost $3.96/min inc GST, higher rate calls from payphones and mobile phones. Calls may be recorded, Provided by Help? 1800 270 780
Rebecca has been reading Tarot for over twenty years. She uses both the cards and her connection with her guides and Angels to give clients positive messages and uplifting but useful guidance. She has a wealth of esoteric and spiritual knowledge which she utilises in her readings to ...

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Obesity and Cheating
by Barney Battles
The link between one person putting on weight and their partner finding them unattractive enough to seek solace elsewhere might appear to be an obvious one. But there are more subtle interactions at work. Rather than just being a reaction to a change in physical appearance and a need to sate physical needs, there are psychic reasons why these situations occur. However, just as there are psychic causes, there are also psychic prices to be paid for those who do not deal with the situation in a spiritually responsible fashion.

A need for spiritual nourishment

Obesity can be borne out of a need for spiritual nourishment. Often, the subconscious will translate psychic needs into physical symptoms. In the event of a trauma or a change in someone’s circumstances, many people refer to the feeling they are left with as a feeling of emptiness or as though there is a hole in their life that needs filling. This may be a major event such as the death of a loved one or a divorce, or something more subtle such as the feeling that life is simply passing you by. Regardless of the perceived ‘size’ of an event, the psychic cost can be equally taxing for one as it is for another. The subconscious will register certain circumstances as a loss of spiritual sustenance, perhaps because a person they were close to is no longer there or because, on a psychic level, they are aware of their spiritual stagnation.

However, people often prefer to ignore these subconscious messages, dismissing them as ‘a bad patch’ or ‘the blues’. This is rather like sweeping dust under a rug. While it may hide the problem initially it will not make it go away and, eventually, it will become noticeable. If the psyche’s cries for nourishment such as love, communication and spiritual alignment are ignored, they are interpreted by the conscious mind as a craving for a physical comfort – food.

A psychic distress flare

For the other person in the relationship there are also psychic messages at play. Behind our subconscious is the ego - the core of what we are, emotionally and spiritually. When we become involved in a relationship we feel valued and worthwhile. Part of the key to a relationship is physical attraction. In many ways it is the corporeal manifestation of the psychic qualities we find so attractive on a partner. When a partner begins to put on weight, the trap that is easy to fall into is to interpret that weight gain as a rejection. Instead of seeing it as a psychic distress flare our own egos see it as a threat. That person no longer values us anymore and the weight gain is a physical manifestation of that.

Once that thought has taken hold and been absorbed into our subconscious, it is very hard to shake off. Negative thoughts are like iron filings to a magnet. Once we have attracted one, others follow quick and fast. In a sense, the ‘rejected’ party also feels a need for psychic nourishment, which they perceive they are no longer getting from their partner. Once again, if these feelings are not addressed, the conscious mind will translate them into a physical need and this is where the path to infidelity begins.

The key to avoiding this scenario is to develop a clear spiritual alignment with your partner – and this requires honesty. Through honest communication it is possible to identify and isolate problems before they escalate into demands that can drive you apart from each other.

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