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The X-Factor
by Kes Cross

In the popular television series the X-factor, members of the public find themselves in competition to become the next big star. But how much of their success in the world of show business is written in the stars from birth?

What is the X-factor?

The X-factor is loosely defined as a winning combination of personal qualities and talents that destines an individual for great commercial and artistic success. Clearly the ability to sing well is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to make a career as a professional singer (though precedent has shown that this is not always the case), but what other qualities are needed to make it to the top, and how can a person’s star signs indicate their future success?

Successful traits of the western Zodiac

Creativity is one of the most important aspects of any artistic endeavour, and those born under certain signs of the Zodiac are believed to have more creative talent than others. Leo is one such sign, and Leo’s are said to be born entertainers, keen to share their talents with others and express themselves creatively. Perhaps the most famous Leo in the showbiz world is Madonna, who has continued to reinvent herself creatively over the course of the many decades which she has spent performing. Other well known Leo’s include Mick Jagger, Robert de Niro and Whitney Houston.

Yet creativity is seldom enough to secure a place in the X-factor halls of fame. Charisma is an essential quality for holding the audience’s attention, and that of the judges. Scorpios have charisma in spades and are never afraid to use it to their advantage. Natural charmers, they are also very passionate, and determined in their goals. However they do bruise easily, and their feelings might be hurt badly by negative remarks from the judges. Famous Scorpios include John Cleese, Katherine Hepburn and Demi Moore. Scorpios are also said to ooze sex appeal, and this is another important trait to have in order to make an impact on the glamorous high definition world of modern showbusiness.

An innate optimistic attitude is often necessary to successfully traverse the pitfalls of fame and come out shining on the other side. Sagittarians are known as one of the most optimistic star signs, and often set their sights high. Though they may conceal it, they firmly believe that anything is possible and will go to great lengths against the odds to get what they want. Perhaps the most famous Sagittarian is Winston Churchill, whose optimism and determination in the face of adversity is legendary.  Musicians as diverse as classical composer Beethoven and rocker Jimi Hendrix were born under Sagittarius.

Chinese star signs and the X-factor

Being born under a sign of the zodiac with strong traits linked to artistic endeavour and performance provides a substantial advantage from the word go. But the year of birth is also an important indicator, and those with a star sign under the western zodiac that is naturally inclined towards performance may be unstoppable if also born in a year according to the Chinese calendar with similar or complimentary traits.

Those born in the Chinese Year of the Sheep are said to be particularly creative, artistic and charming. Yet they also harbour deep feelings of insecurity, and while this might push them to perform on stage initially, they are unlikely to make it all the way without substantial support from family and friends. They are also renowned worriers, and on the one hand this might drive them to perfection, but on the other it could eventually make them too nervous to perform, despite their talents. Julia Roberts, Pamela Anderson and Bruce Willis are all Sheep. Metal Sheep, those born in 1992, are far more ambitious than other Sheep, and so we can perhaps expect a good showing of talented Sheep in years to come.

Tiger, tiger, burning bright

Tigers, particularly Fire Tigers (1986), have many qualities which make them well suited to a career on the stage or screen. When Tigers talk, others listen, and they are often well respected, seeming to hypnotically draw in the attention of the onlooker. Their charm and natural charisma are destined to do well in the world of showbiz, particularly when the Tiger’s western Zodiac sign is one which leans towards creativity and the arts. Screen icon Marilyn Monroe was born in the Year of the Tiger, as were Tom Cruise, Leonardo Dicaprio and Sir David Attenborough.

Some people may well be born with a kind of cosmic X-factor that drives them to succeed, and their personalities and talents may be seen as a sacred gift from the universe. But such fortuitous birthrights are by no means a proven formula for success, and the rest of us should continue chasing our dreams, whatever they may be.

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