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Daniella Westbrook
by Kirsten Cross
Many actors have appeared on EastEnders. Some have been so popular that they have returned to the show time and time again, while others have had smaller parts and quickly been forgotten. There have even been the occasional few who have had to leave the series under a cloud. Daniella Westbrook falls into the last category. Her character, Sam Mitchell, had a fairly turbulent time on-screen, but it was rivalled by Daniella’s real life problems with drink and drugs. Once these revelations were made public, Daniella left the show only to return nine years later for a brief but memorable turn as the sister of the infamous Mitchell Brothers. Now, Daniella appears to have put her troubles behind her and is considering moving to America to begin a new life. But is this the right time to take such a big step?

Daniella was born a Scorpio on the 5th November in the Chinese year of the Ox. The lives of Oxen seem to follow the template of youth, adulthood and old age. According to eastern astrology, an Ox’s childhood will generally pass without incident but it is in the second phase of growing up that they can stray from the path ahead. Daniella has certainly proved this to have some truth. In her twenties, she was possibly better known for her dalliance with cocaine and alcohol and for hanging out with the wrong company than she was for being one of EastEnders’ most popular characters. However, a severe wake-up call was to hit her one morning as her septum fell out of her nose while she was taking a shower. Her weight had plummeted to below six stone and she finally realised that her health was seriously at risk. “Those days I looked awfully gaunt,” she said. “I was very ill but, thankfully, that’s all behind me now.”

It seems that Daniella is entering the third phase of her Ox’s life-map. This should be the phase where, if she has everything under control, her transition into middle age should be a peaceful one. However, if she wavers from her sobriety, this phase could instead prove to be a turbulent one.

Many of Daniella’s previous problems could have stemmed from her Scorpio nature. Scorpios have a tendency to bury their feelings beneath a thick shell. However, burying negative feelings can only lead to them festering and the scorpion’s famous sting then becomes a tool of self-destruction as opposed to a weapon for defence. Miss Westbrook seems to have undergone a very powerful transformation and this is certainly in accordance with her western birth sign. Scorpio is the only sign to be associated with three animal totems. The first is the Scorpion, with its active tail. Daniella’s early life was fraught with self-destruction, giving rise to the theory that she was failing to deal with personal issues and unconsciously punishing herself for her failure. This mind-set can only result in a vicious cycle of addiction and self-loathing, each fuelling the other. However, as Daniella decided to take a stance against her problems, her scorpion totem will have transformed into an Eagle. Flying high above the surface of circumstances, the Eagle will have given Daniella a better perspective on life, allowing her to see what is really important to her. The next stage of transformation is from the Eagle into the Dove. The Dove is a symbol of peace; both peace with the world and peace with yourself. But has Daniella achieved the third stage of her astrological metamorphosis? Certainly her current frame of mind would seem to indicate that she has. In a recent interview, Daniella revealed: “It’s nice to come home to my family and dogs and something stable and quiet. Now that I’m sober I’ve realise that was what I’d been searching for all along.”

Once romantically linked with a string of celebrities, including pop singer Brian Harvey, Daniella appears to be happy with her husband, Kevin Jenkins. Indeed his influence seems to have curbed her natural Scorpio propensity to judge herself by other people’s standards. "I made a pact with Kevin I would do no more TV work that would take me away from home,” she explains. “These days, I live an ordinary life. I work occasionally, but I also do the school run and laundry and prepare my family`s dinner".

It would seem then that Daniella has mastered her passions and is living under the influence of the Dove and the stability of the Ox. If this is the case, her move to California could be a very successful one. However, it is unlikely to be to pursue a career in show business, as neither the Scorpion nor the Ox is comfortable in the spotlight.

Although this may seem to conflict with Daniella’s early career as an actress, it could well be that subliminally she was using the acting profession as a means to gaining greater understanding. Instead, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find Daniella involved in something more practical and down to earth, such as property management; Oxen are logical, patient creatures that can apply themselves to any situation with original intelligence and reflective thought.

Whatever Daniella decides to do, she is certainly in the best frame of mind to do so. All the indications are that she has finally settled into her own skin and is comfortable there. The shell that once contained a mass of boiling emotions is now simply there to deflect unkind comments from the ignorant and the uninformed. Her Scorpion sting has also gained new purpose; instead of using it to lash herself for her personal weaknesses, she will have transformed the poison in her tail into a powerful force for love and forgiveness.

If Daniella is completely true to the lighter aspects of her star signs, she may feel inclined to use the benefits of her experience to help others who are as troubled as she once was. America will provide Daniella with time to reflect on her turbulent past and to forge a future that has its roots in integrity and personal peace.

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