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Dreaming of Your Ex?
by Kirsten Cross
We all have experienced the stress of a relationship ending. Whether you end the relationship or the relationship is ended for you, it signifies the end of an era and, hopefully, the beginning of a healing process. However, it can be disconcerting for some people to find that, even some time after the break-up, they are having dreams about their ex-partner. Is this simply the brain going over old ground or is there some psychic significance involved?

Dreams – the healing process

Feelings often run high during and after the end of a relationship and dreams are one way in which the psyche heals itself. Whether the split has been amicable or not, both parties can be left with a sense that they are missing part of themselves. This is not entirely inaccurate. In embarking on a relationship, there is more to it than the physical side. Spiritually, a relationship is about exploring another psyche and examining your own. When that spirit rejects your own, you can be left feeling abandoned and angry on a much deeper level than you may realise.

Often dreams about your ex can simply be a reflection of your emotions at the time. If the split has been amicable, the dreams may reflect this, manifesting themselves in comfortable situations and with the relationship between you and your ex being depicted as pleasant and civil. However, if the split was acrimonious, the dreams are likely to reflect this as well, often in the form of emotional nightmares. In addition, acrimonious separations leave deeper psychic scars, which the subconscious needs to heal.

Dreams can often be symbolic as the subconscious tries to make sense of a particular situation. In the event of an acrimonious split-up, your psychic side may be acknowledging the loss of certain hopes and plans through the dream. Rather than the ex being the focus of the dream, this is a way of psychically recognising that certain wishes and desires will remain unfulfilled in waking life. If you are the one who ended the relationship, you may experience dreams filled with joyful imagery and feelings. These are known as wish-fulfilment dreams and is your subconscious celebrating the end of a time in which you felt hampered or oppressed. While these dreams may not reflect your conscious feelings about the relationship, they are a good barometer as to the state of your psychic well being.

Symbolic imagery

Other dreams may not directly feature your ex but, instead, be replete with symbolic images that relate to him or her. For example, if your ex was a farmer, you might dream of cultivating your own healthy crops. This would signify that you are looking to nurture something that offers you more than the relationship did. Many people associate their ex strongly with their career. Dreaming of something that your ex might have been involved in professionally can be interpreted as a symbol of them and the effect they had on your life, whether it was positive or negative.

Exes can also appear in dreams long after the relationship has ended. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are missing them. The subconscious often uses images from the past to flag up issues in the present – almost like a psychic parable. You may find that, in dreaming of a past ex, the dream is filled with emotions and images concerning a particular stage in the relationship. By considering how you were feeling about the relationship at that time, you should find that you are able to apply those thoughts and feelings to a situation that is important to you in the present. However, these dreams can also be indicators that a psychic scar has still not healed where that relationship was concerned. Think through the dream and see if you can identify the issue that you may not have dealt with. Recurrent dreams of this sort are strong psychic indicators that you may not have recovered from a certain aspect of the separation.

Pleasant dreams about an ex, usually some time after the relationship has ended, are likely to be a message from your psychic barometer letting you know that you have fully reclaimed yourself on all levels. These dreams may be associated with feelings of peace and contentment, signifying that a psychic struggle has ended. Symbolically, the ex might also represent a suppressed or unacknowledged talent. A dream in which you are physically close to an ex-partner could suggest that you are closer to allowing that talent or gift into your life.

For most of us, dreaming of an ex-partner is slightly disconcerting, as we tend to look for a literal meaning first and foremost. However, it is worth remembering that the psyche does not communicate literally; it works through images and abstractions. Rather than worry about the fact that your dream featured an ex, look for symbols that might grant you greater insight into your own psychic well being.

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