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Calls cost $3.96/min inc GST, higher rate calls from payphones and mobile phones. Calls may be recorded, Provided by Help? 1800 270 780
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Tales from a Psychic Circle
by Ed (Star Temple reader)
The six members of our psychic home circle had gathered, and one member asked us to direct our thoughts toward a loved one who was ill. No information was given nor asked for in the circle.

We sat in silence for a few moments, and began meditating in order to attune ourselves to a higher spiritual vibration. I had been chosen to lead the circle on this occasion, and as the others relaxed and freed their minds in preparation for the arrival of spirit guides, I felt the spiritual energy really building up. Normally we get to a point where we ask our guides to join us, but in this case it wasn`t necessary. Suddenly there was a tangible calm, and a warmth, throughout the room. My own breathing changed, which I knew was a sign from my spirit guide.

All of a sudden, I realised I could sense the guides for all the circle members, and was aware that they too could sense each others` guides. We sat in this incredible space for about thirty minutes, and then became aware of a change in the vibrations. At this point I thanked the guides for joining us and asked them to step back into the light.

As the six of us returned back to the earthly vibration, we discussed the experience and found that the sensations of each member were connected to the person that required healing. It was then I knew that a powerful healing had occurred, and our circle of psychic development had become a powerful healing circle that night. Within the circle there had been some forecast clairvoyance, and with time it showed itself to be accurate and the person was healed. As the circle continued to meet, we didn`t think that it was we who healed that person, but there was no doubt that our sitting had helped.

Setting up a home circle

A home circle is a gathering of like minded people for psychic development and spiritual work. It is easy to set up - simply gather a small group of like minded friends and meet at a regular time. At first you can simply discuss spiritual beliefs and experiences. There is no need to hold back or be afraid as each member is there to develop. Group meditation is an excellent exercise to build momentum within a circle. Use meditation to build a sense of peace and serenity within the circle. The spirit vibration is much faster than the earthly vibration, so in time the group will feel this vibrational change. The group is then ready to sit and work with spirit.

The circle leader

Choosing a circle leader for each meeting is important, especially as the circle advances into more direct spiritual work. The leader will take control during spiritual exercises and be fully observant of the other members, watching and sensing what is happening throughout the exercise. Each time a circle sits, the leader will become aware of the collective intentions for that night. Whether you are the leader of that meeting or not, allow spirit to the lead you in your workings. Remember that the aim is ultimately to help each member develop for the common good.

After a time allowing everyone to sit with spirit, the circle leader asks the spirit guides to step back, allowing the circle members to slowly and gently return to the earthly vibration. Once everyone has safely returned, the circle leader goes around the circle and asks each member about their experiences. The discussion concludes when the leader sums up the theme and purpose of that night`s meeting. It might be psychic readings, healing work, or spiritual development - but each meeting will reveal a purpose through the collective experiences of the members.

Things to remember

Each member will prepare and conduct themselves in their own way. As long as each member`s participation is based in light, there are no wrong methods. Spiritualism is not an exact science. Each member is there to learn what is right for them. The main thing in spiritual practice is to simply enjoy your unique connection to spirit, and how it relates to the whole.

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