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Calls cost $3.96/min inc GST, higher rate calls from payphones and mobile phones. Calls may be recorded, Provided by Help? 1800 270 780
Tamara is a gifted psychic medium Master Reiki healer and spiritual advisor who loves helping people. She uses her claircognizant and clairsentient abilities together with the Tarot and Angel cards to provide a clear message to the client. Tamara says I feel like an instrument and ...

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Spiritual Kissing
by Kirsten Cross
You may be wondering just what kissing has to do with the spiritual realms. The answer is that, for both our physical and psychic relationships, it carries a lot of importance. Our corporeal forms are crude reflections of our wants, needs and desires on the spiritual plane. In some respects you could almost look at them as a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the boundless possibilities of the spiritual love that we can all achieve. In addition, the way in which you kiss can tell your partner a lot more about you than whether you had garlic for lunch!

Physically, kissing reveals a lot of information about someone. It is a sensual way of transmitting certain data. Lafayette College in Pennsylvania has recently found a series of chemical systems at play in the process of kissing. Most of these are related to three primary areas of the brain that are concerned with mating and reproduction. The first area of the brain is tied in with the sex drive, raising it and increasing physical desire. The second area deals with romantic or passionate love and focuses a person on just one mate. The third area is linked with attachment, helping couples stay together and consider raising a child.

On a psychic level, kissing also transmits information. Kissing creates a form of elevated awareness that allows your psychic forms to begin to explore each other and understand what it is that makes the other tick. It is not uncommon to hear people describe others as ‘good kissers’ or ‘bad kissers’. These reviews have much more to do with the psychic realm than we might think. There are those who can experience the same state of heightened awareness before the kiss has even taken place. Often this occurs in moments of intense eye contact, giving credence to the adage that ‘the eyes are the windows of the soul’.

Search through the Internet and you will find many websites dedicated to the art of kissing. There are instructions on how to better your technique, hints on the breath-fresheners to use and even kissing videos created in the style of workout programmes! However, the route to becoming a better kisser has less to do with our own physical attributes and more to do with how receptive we are to our own psychic abilities.

Rather than worrying about the mechanics of kissing, it is possible to find out more about you and your partner by tuning into the higher realms that your subconscious inhabits. This can be achieved by thinking hard about what it is that you want from your partner and visualising them as a perfect spiritual being, rather than weighing up their physical attributes and imperfections. Obviously, this is best done in solitude as it is harder to do when in the heat of the moment. Once you have achieved a visualisation, take the time to notice how it makes you feel; the emotions that accompany the pictures you create. Take these feelings with you to your next encounter with your partner and you will quickly notice the difference in your kissing and just how your partner responds.

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