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Peter Andre: Love Compatibility
by Kirsten Cross
Peter Andre shot to fame in the late 1980s as a pop singer. His career was rejuvenated in 2005, after he met Katie Price – aka ‘Jordan’ – on the television show ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!’ An on-screen romance blossomed between the two and continued once the show was over. As a couple, the pair seemed to court the press, elevating their profiles as celebrities. Marriage swiftly followed and the pair had two children together. However, behind closed doors the relationship was in trouble, which occasionally bled out into television appearances. The fairytale couple were now being perceived as volatile and unstable.

Three and a half years after their marriage, Peter and Katie divorced. Katie moved on very quickly, becoming involved with a string of men before marrying Alex Reid. Peter, however, has seemed to find it difficult to form a meaningful relationship since the divorce. Interestingly, he has earned a great degree of public sympathy – a public that perceives him as being the wounded party. Astrologically, Peter and Katie were profoundly mismatched. Peter is a Pisces born in the Chinese year of the Ox whilst Katie is a Gemini born in the year of the Horse. Fundamentally, Peter’s sensitive and slow-moving natures are at odds with the mischief and flighty instincts of Katie’s signs. But what does Peter need in a partner?

Peter’s Piscean nature makes him a natural artist. His water sign sees the world as a dull and unsophisticated place. His job as a fish is to spread some of the qualities from the higher planes he is naturally aligned to. In other words, he is trying to establish a little slice of Heaven on Earth. In addition, his nature will mean that he has a tendency to dream. These dreams are of a spiritual nature and, while they are nothing but virtuous, Pisceans are rarely organised enough to even begin thinking about implementing them. Without the Ox to balance him, Peter would more than likely just be another artist adrift in the fickle world of show business. Were this the case, he may find himself tempted by that allure of drink and drugs. The Piscean sensitivity means that many lean towards self-destruction in a bid to shut out the real world.

Conversely, the Ox is a stable but ponderous beast. Hard working and stoic, it seems more than likely that Peter draws most of his strength from his Chinese sign. Although they can be difficult to get to know, once they allow someone to see through their leathery hide they are steadfast and loyal friends. The life of the Ox can be broken into three stages. During the first, the Ox usually enjoys a stable and happy childhood. In the second, they often encounter difficulties in their married lives. If they feel they have been betrayed, Oxen are unlikely to seriously attempt reconciliation, as they do not understand how others can deviate from a path that is so clear to them. The third stage is still fraught with romantic problems but, if they are solved, the Ox can enjoy a balanced and peaceful life. Which signs are the best matches for Peter’s star signs?

 For a Pisces, the most compatible sign is Scorpio. Where the fish is removed from reality, the Scorpion is eminently practical and will be inspired by Piscean dreams and work to make them a reality. Scorpions are renowned for their unfortunate trait of being jealous and over-possessive. However, this fits in nicely to the Piscean world, as they perceive this as a demonstration of how much they are valued - the perfect antidote to Piscean insecurity. Pisces and Scorpio often bond on an unspoken, spiritual level that runs far deeper than words.

Peter’s dependable Ox would be most suited to the charm and expressiveness of a Rat. Although they associated with cunning and aggression, Rats associate well with Oxen, finding that their reliability offers calm to their often-busy lives. In turn, Peter would benefit from a Rat partner, whose natural ability to read people would allow him to put down his barriers and finally be himself. Rats are also formidable problem-solvers and a partner with this quality is likely to work hard with Peter to ensure any problems they might have reach a positive resolution. In addition, Oxen tend to have a fond regard for Rats as, although they are perpetually busy, their travails almost always have a higher purpose and the Ox can relate to this.

It seems that Peter would benefit from meeting someone born between October 22nd to November 22nd and in the year 1972 or 1984. A combination of his signs and the signs of the Rat and the Scorpion would give Peter more confidence and a greater sense of his own identity. Until that woman comes along, we are likely to see Peter drifting between partners without achieving the security he so needs.

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