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Coronation Street: David and Gail
by Kirsten Cross
Since December 9th 1960, Coronation has moved us, amused us and entertained us for longer than any other soap opera. Its diverse range of characters has provided us with comedy, tragedy, romance and nail-biting thrillers that have kept us coming back for more. The most recent storyline has seen one of Weatherfield’s stalwarts, Gail Platt, sent to prison for the murder of her husband, Joe McIntyre. What do the stars hold for Gail and her son, whose troubled character will no doubt be affected by her incarceration?

Gail McIntyre, as she now is, was born on the 18th April 1958. Since moving into Coronation Street during the early seventies, she has seen her fair share of drama. She has been married four times, with one of her husbands (Brian Tilsley) being stabbed to death outside a night-club. Indeed, another of her husbands (Richard Hillman) was unmasked as a serial killer and attempted to drown her and her children in a local canal. In the midst of a number of stressful situations, Gail has offered steady support and sympathy for her sons, Nick and David, and her well-meaning mother, Audrey Roberts.

Gail’s star sign in the western zodiac is Aries. In the Chinese zodiac, Gail was born under the sign of the Dragon and according to the American Indian belief of earth magic, Gail is associated with the animal guide spirit of the Falcon. All these signs have one underlying quality - strength. The Ram of Aries is notorious for being able to throw themselves headfirst into any situation and make the best of it. In addition, Gail’s date of birth puts her on the cusp of Taurus, allowing her draw on those bullish qualities that mean no matter how low she gets she will always find hidden reserves of strength with which to pull herself together, as she has proved time and time again in the past. The Chinese Dragon is a particularly interesting influence on Gail. Those born under its protective wings are tenacious, intelligent and generous. They have the uncanny ability to influence their peers and become the centre of attention. Combined with the Falcon’s qualities of dignity and wisdom, it would come as no surprise to find that Gail fares better behind bars than we might expect. Initially, she is likely to find the situation depressing and frightening.

However, as her Aries character traits assert themselves, we can possibly expect her to become involved in the lives of her fellow inmates. Her Chinese star sign’s cunning and survival instinct should allow her to stand up to any trouble that comes her way, whilst cultivating a small network of close friends. It is very possible that some of these friendships will last beyond the confines of jail and become significant to her in time to come. However, the strength and leadership qualities that come with her American Indian spirit guide could intimidate some, who may respond with aggression. Ultimately, however, it is the softer sides of all her star signs that will allow Gail to keep her head above water in an environment that could otherwise break her.

Gail’s son David has also seen the inside of a prison. After attempting to kill his mother and going on a violent rampage through the neighbourhood, incarceration was an inevitability for Coronation Street’s most troubled youth. However, since his diagnosis of psychopathic tendencies, rehabilitation in a young offender’s institute and unfailing support from his mother, David seems to have put his troubles behind him. But what effect will his mother’s imprisonment have on him? Could we see David’s dark side bubbling back to the surface again?

David Platt was born on Christmas Day in 1990. His western star sign is that of Capricorn, while his eastern sign is that of the Horse. It seems that, when you combine the horse and the tenacious qualities of the Goat, there is very little of the human involved. Could this have something to do with David’s wayward streak? No doubt, as he has proved, David’s human side is able to master his more animal instincts, but could the equine forces involved combine with the negative aspects of the Goat to submerge it once again?

The negative qualities associated with Capricorn would seem to support this theory. Capricorns are infamous for their aggressive, impatient natures. In addition, they appear to have an unnatural amount of self-confidence. However, if you combine it with David’s Horse characteristics, the Chinese zodiac may have an explanation for this. In describing the negative aspects of the Horse, the Chinese zodiac suggests that the Horse’s relentless pursuit of any goal can become selfish and predatory, another negative trait of Capricorn. It seems that those born under this sign are more cunning than intelligent – but are painfully aware of this. As a result, they mask their deep-rooted insecurity beneath a mask of extreme self-confidence; a trait that can only give rise to other negative qualities. Is it just synchronicity that David’s equine star sign interplays so deftly with his Capricorn nature?

No doubt, Gail’s imprisonment will have had a profound effect on her son and this could set his powerful nature of his Horse-driven qualities against his less dominant, human side. Initially, the benevolent and generous side of Capricorn will encourage David to support his mother, as she has done for him in the past. However, if he is placed under any further pressure, the negative aspects of his eastern and western star signs will look for someone to blame for his problems. The obvious target would be Gail - let’s not forget that David was abandoned by his father and Gail confessed that she considered terminating him in the early stages of her pregnancy. If this is the case, we could quickly see all David’s old habits returning to the fore. In all likelihood, he will begin by seeking to turn Gail’s absence to his advantage. However, Capricorns also have the terrible trait of failing to learn from the past and, coupled with a lack of personal insight, David could easily end up in a situation far beyond his control.

It is very interesting that the writers of Coronation Street have taken the time and care to give each of their characters a birthday. One cannot help but wonder, given the actions and traits of many of these utterly believable creations, whether they pay attention to the stars in deciding how the lives of these characters pan out?

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