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Jordan & Alex Reid: Can it Last?
by Kirsten Cross
Since their relationship began, Katie Price and Alex Reid have hogged the headlines. Their relationship has already been fraught with scandal; revelations of Alex’s cross-dressing, rumours of wild parties and the public pain of Katie’s ex, Peter Andre, have all conspired to drive a wedge between the two. Even the apparent disapproval of their ‘quickie’ wedding in Las Vegas has seemed to have little effect on their united front. However, a shadow has consistently dogged their relationship in the form of Katie’s ex-husband, Peter Andre. Peter is a Pisces and Katie a Gemini, which is a very unstable pairing and, as they have shown, doomed to destroy any connection they might have. But who is in the driving seat of Alex and Katie’s relationship? There are two apparently very strong characters in this marriage, but how do their astrological signs interact – and is there another force at work; one they have not considered?

Born on the 22nd May 1978, Katie is undoubtedly the more famous of the two. After a friend suggested she have some professional photographs taken, she was contacted by a modelling agency and her career began. Since then, she has appeared as a Page 3 girl in The Sun newspaper and in a variety of men’s lifestyle magazines. However, it seems that this level of exposure was not enough for Katie and she swiftly pursued the spotlight, apparently prepared to use any form of media to promote herself. She became involved in a number of television shows, most famously ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!’ and ‘What Katie Did’. Cameras seem to have followed her private life every step of the way, involving themselves in everything from her marriage to her divorce. Katie has never been shy of courting controversy.

Alex is now experiencing a level of fame that was previously beyond his reach. Born on 21st August 1975, his career as a cage fighter has been the subject of many debates. In addition to spending some time as a Paratrooper, Alex previously dabbled with the acting profession, but only managed to secure theatre bit parts and small television roles. Despite these achievements, Alex is probably more famous for his cross-dressing fetish, announced to the world by his soon-to-be wife early in their courtship.

In terms of their western and eastern zodiacs, the two are a formidable combination. Katie is a Gemini born in the Chinese year of the Horse, while Alex is a Leo born in the year of the Rabbit. Interestingly, both of their Chinese signs are flighty creatures that always keep one eye on the horizon in the search for potential threat. They are both insecure creatures and it would be easy to imagine them both fuelling each other’s paranoia to create an imaginary world in which it is safe for them to exist. However, because of their unsettled natures, these two signs make for bad compatibility, bringing out the worst of each other’s natures. In this relationship, Alex’s Rabbit drives him to avoid loud and noisy situations; he only wants a quiet life. As the result of the rapid mood changes associated with Katie’s equine sign, he is likely to become secretive and distant. In turn, this secrecy will trigger the Horse’s animal cunning. Although not naturally intelligent, Horses possess an uncanny instinct that will alert them to potential hazards on the road ahead. However, if she pushes Alex, he is likely to withdraw even further. With these two signs, it is hard to see just who holds the reins in the relationship.

Leo and Gemini also seem to have a natural stability. The accent on a relationship between these two signs is on fun, evident from the couple’s irreverent approach to marriage and public events. Typically, the Gemini penchant for ridicule can irritate the proud Leo, but his regal streak is large enough to gain a healthy perspective on these taunts, recognising them for what they are - a test of his staying-power. In hindsight, this theory was proven by Katie’s mischievous revelations of Alex’s love of wearing women’s clothes. Rather than reacting negatively, Alex used this to his advantage, outing himself as a ‘try-sexual’ and increasing his public popularity. Both these signs are strong and passionate, complementing each other admirably so we are still left without a clear idea of who ‘wears the trousers’ in the relationship.

However, there is another person to be considered in the equation. In a sense, ‘Jordan’ was born in 1996. Katie took the name after spending some time as the mascot for the Formula One Racing Team. Since her first encounter with the public, Jordan has become a character in her own right, often seeming to possess Katie’s body, subduing her character in favour of a more brash and gaudy one. 1996 is the Chinese year of the Tiger and it is here that we can get a better picture of the relationship in question.

The Tiger and the Rabbit is a one-sided coupling in favour of the Tiger. The Tiger is a naturally dominant creature that inspires fear and respect in a relationship. We have already seen Alex in the press, denying that he is “under the thumb”, but there have been instances where it is obvious that he is at Jordan’s beck and call. His Rabbit-like need for peace will attract him to Jordan’s Tiger, but it will also be to relinquish any sense of leadership – and he had better beware her feline temper. Although Alex is renowned as a fighter, the spiritual wrath he will have to endure from his wife will make his cage battles seem like a walk in the park. Tigers are fearsome opponents and Alex’s sensitive Rabbit soul is just not built to withstand such a battering. In short, it will be the Tiger than makes the decisions in this relationship and the Rabbit will acquiesce for its own preservation.

While Alex and Katie are well suited, it is when Katie’s alter ego appears that the scales become unbalanced. In weeks to come we should get a better idea of which one is in charge of Katie and, in turn, which one is currently ruling the roost.

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