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Calls cost $3.96/min inc GST, higher rate calls from payphones and mobile phones. Calls may be recorded, Provided by Help? 1800 270 780
credit card line: 1800 270 780

Calls cost $3.96/min inc GST, higher rate calls from payphones and mobile phones. Calls may be recorded, Provided by Help? 1800 270 780

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Welcome to Clear Psychics`s Psychic Search Page. Here you can search for your favourite reader by name or by talent or interest group. There are five groups including Tarot, Angels and Mediums. Should you be unable to find your reader, please call our response customer services team on 1800 270 780 who will find the next scheduled appointment for your favourite reader or chosen interest.

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I'm Offline
Carpe Diem or Those who ponder may never succeed.
Credit Line
1800 270 780
Love and relationships, family, general readings.
Connecting purely to the persons energy or bio-field and using their voice vibration and frequency to assist in channelling information that may connect to the persons past, present or future.
Energy Therapist, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient with Mediumistic ability.
Kind, empathic, honest and direct clairvoyant and Medium. Without tarot
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Megan`s Rota EST
Tues and Thurs 3am-7am

Since the age of 6 Megan has seen felt and heard things that seemed strange to this world. After a childhood of being made to feel different for having these gifts she developed them through her own self confidence and training. Megan is now a very experienced Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Spiritual Medium. These skills combined with her nursing and counselling background make the perfect combination for Megan`s down to earth and emphatic readings she is extremely sincere and Megan`s psychic ability will guide you through.

"The reading with Megan was incredible I didnt need to ask direct questions, Megan knew what to say, she is very warm and consoling

From Mrs H in Devon

Megan connected really quickly, she was accurate and gave good practical advice, It was like she was me!

Bertilia in Luxembourg

I had a reading with Megan today, she used her gifts alone (no tarot cards or pendulum etc). She picked up on my reason for calling instantly - that was encouraging for me"

" from then on in she rolled out info` that I have been told in other readings. I have to say Megan is absolutely wonderful, as well as very gifted! She actually helped me in putting aside any doubts I have been holding - such a relief!!! I wanted to feedback on my experience with her and really highly endorse her as a gifted reader. I am looking forward to coming back to Megan for a longer and more in-depth reading. Thank you so much!!!

Tarnia, April 18

I had an amazing reading with Megan. Outstanding. Very accurate. she blew me away.

Miss H O Ireland Apr 18

Megan is fabulous, amazing. Making a connection was easy and I am very happy and emotional about how well it went.

Suzanne, Berkshire

I had a reading with Megan about a relationship, she gave me some good news that I should expect in the middle of December, all of my friends (including a medium) said it wouldnt happen, well on Thursday night, he called!! Im so happy and I have no hesitations to recommend Megan to everyone, shes made my dreams come true!
Heather J Dorset
Dec 2020

Just had the most wonderful reading with Megan
She was absolutely spot on and made an immediate connection with me
Megan is extremely talented and has given me insight and a way forward
I am deeply moved by her help
Thank you
Jan 2020

Megan is truly a very gifted clairvoyant who is able to tune in to you and offer exact information regarding people both here and in spirit. I cant recommend her highly enough. Megan is engaging, gentle and warm. Thank you so much Megan! You definitely will be hearing from me again soon.
Rose W
Nottingham Sept 2021"

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Credit Card Line
1800 270 780
Calls cost Calls cost $3.96/min inc GST, higher rate calls from payphones and mobile phones. Calls may be recorded, Provided by Help? 1800 270 780
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