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Gwyneth Paltrow
by Barney Battles
Not long ago, Gwyneth Paltrow topped a popular tabloid’s list of the world’s most despised celebrities. Only a week later, People named her “World’s Most Beautiful Woman.” Such a feat cannot be accomplished by just anybody—so what is it about this actress that inspires such a wide range of reactions, from outright hostility to complete adoration? Can astrology give insight into her enigmatic personality, and provide clues as to what the future may hold?

Gwyneth was born on 27 September, 1972, making her a Libra in the Chinese year of the Rat. Her place of birth was Los Angeles, and her parents were actress Blythe Danner and director Bruce Paltrow. At a glance, this seems like a typical privileged upbringing, complete with the money and connections needed to fast-track a career in Hollywood. However, Gwyneth’s Libra energy gives her a strong sense of justice and fair play. Even if she did have a leg-up on the competition, her heart’s desire would have been to pay her dues and earn her place in the world.

Acting was always on Gwyneth’s radar, but she took her time to commit. With a plenitude of family connections, and several roles in film and television before she even finished high school, acting seemed to just make sense. But Libra is known for being indecisive, and Rat can exacerbate this trait, adding an element of restlessness. Rather than choose a path and stick to it, the Rat wants to keep exploring. Gwyneth’s moon in Gemini is no help here. But Libra, once it considers its options and decides on a path, has the strength to see things through. It was after her role in Stephen Spielberg’s 1991 film Hook, and a successful turn opposite her mother in the TV series Cruel Doubt, that Gwyneth finally saw her career path clearly. She dropped out of the University of California, where she was studying anthropology, and devoted herself to acting.

Once she took the dive, Gwyneth’s Libran charm and physical beauty began to win her more prominent roles. Meanwhile, her shrewd Rat energy led her to work tirelessly behind the scenes. Being born in the right place at the right time is a big help, but it’s not enough for a long and illustrious film career. Many children of the rich and famous lack the impeccable work ethic which, in Gwyneth’s case, comes from her Chinese astrological sign. The Rat uses everything at its disposal, casting a wide net of friends and contacts that might come in handy later on. Libra, in turn, gives a radiant exterior perfect for the screen.

As the 7th sign in the zodiac, Libra represents the half-way or opposite point. Relationships are therefore a strong suit for Librans, often playing a prominent role in their lives and careers. This was definitely the case for Gwyneth when, after working on the1995 thriller Se7en, she and co-star Brad Pitt (Sagittarius) began a highly-publicized romance. It only lasted six months, but merciless tabloid coverage made sure that nobody would ever forget Gwyneth’s name or face.

Meanwhile, her hard-working Rat energy maintained forward momentum, and by 1998 she found herself accepting an Academy Award for her performance in Shakespeare in Love. Although this is the most coveted achievement in the acting world, it is often described as both a blessing and a curse. Sure enough, after winning the golden statue, Gwyneth’s career entered a nearly decade-long slowdown. Now that she had her choice of roles, Libra’s negative characteristics—indecision and the desire to please everyone—led her into a string of box-office flops.

Since then, Gwyneth has connected to a more grounded, family-oriented side of herself. This is a healthy influence for the Libra-Rat combination, as it provides a rudder to guide wayward tendencies and focus scatterd mental energies. Her e-commerce and lifestyle business, Goop, has moved her public image somewhat in the direction of hard-bodied Martha Stewart. The Gwyneth Paltrow we see today is a devoted mother, spokesperson for spirituality and health, and maturing actress whose stock in Hollywood is on the rise. So, getting back to our original question, why are there so many divergent opinions about her?

Gwyneth’s Libra side can comes across as too detached and luxurious. With a reported net worth of 89 million between her and husband Chris Martin, some say that her lifestyle and shopping advice is presumptuous and out of touch. Rat, meanwhile, will often turn a deaf ear to criticism, going about its business no matter what anyone thinks. Exotic foods, personal trainers and lavish getaways are all things that Gwyneth touts—yet for people with slightly less financial freedom, all of this advice can seem preachy, unsolicited and aristocratic.

At heart, Gwyneth genuinely wants to be a force of good in the world. She wants other people to think and dream big. Her Libran love of beauty and harmony, and her Rat-like tendency to explore life to the fullest, are becoming more fully expressed as she enters middle-age. But if she is to continue her upward climb and win the hearts of her fiercest critics, she will have to convince them that, far from being distant and high-minded, she’s only trying to help others by being true to herself.

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