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Edward Norton
by Barney Battles
With the recent successes of The Bourne Legacy and Moonrise Kingdom, Edward Norton`s acting career only seems to be getting hotter. He commands an elite level of respect in the film industry, a strong box office draw, and consistent praise from the critics. And yet, despite his impressive resum, Norton has yet to repeat the critical success of his early career. Could this mark a turning point in which this unique actor is finally recognized as one of the best? The answer may lie in Norton`s own spiritual and psychic energies.

Edward Harrison Norton was born into a privileged Boston family on 18th August, 1969. As a Western zodiac Leo and a Chinese zodiac Rooster, his place in the spotlight seemed assured from the beginning—especially with money and connections on his side. Leo is the classic sign of the stage, craving attention and thriving under pressure, while the Rooster is famous for its aggressive stance and king-of-the-hill mentality. These are often the kind of personalities that make it to the big screen—powerful, confident, emotional and driven to succeed.

Norton exhibited signs of maturity early in his career, suggesting that he would be able to transmute the some of the negative, even narcissistic aspects of his intense Leo/Rooster combination. He began acting around the age of 12 at a Summer camp, and his talent quickly gained him the recognition of his peers. After receiving the programme`s top acting award, Norton returned as a counselor and director of the theatre program. This kind of loyalty and desire to give back, a positive trait of the Lion (Leo), would come into play throughout his career.

Despite his growing passion for the stage, Norton did not have a one-track mind. He enrolled at Yale University—where he acted in collegiate productions alongside Paul Giamatti and Ron Livingston—and earned his degree in History. Upon graduation he moved to Japan and took a position with his grandfather`s consulting business.

But the deep spiritual need to express himself in front of an audience, a trait shared by both Lion and Rooster, was too strong to be denied. Norton moved to New York City to pursue acting full-time, and when the Lion makes a decision, he does so wholeheartedly.

The breakthrough came quickly, when a young, unknown actor stunned casting directors for Primal Fear, a film that was on the verge of being scrapped. Norton`s performance—his first ever film role—earned him an Academy Award nomination and made Primal Fear a success. Lightening struck again two years later, when Norton made his now-famous turn as a reformed neo-Nazi in American History X. This performance was almost universally praised by critics, and earned the young actor a second Academy Award nod in as many years. Two out of his first three film performances had gained him some of the highest recognition in the business.

With a meteoric career in the works, someone with Norton`s psychic constitution runs the risk of becoming deeply self-absorbed. The Lion feeds off the spotlight, becoming brighter and brighter until it believes itself to be the center of the universe, while the Rooster uses anything it can to inflate its massive ego—and rudely pecks anyone who gets in the way.

It seems that Norton, however, was able to tap a different side of the same energy. By taking an early interest in philanthropy and humanitarian work, he shifted the focus away from himself, even as his acting career took him to new heights with films such as Rounders with Matt Damon and Fight Club with Brad Pitt. Norton became president of the American chapter of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, involved himself in various charities, and recently was named the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity. This is a classic case of Leo and Rooster overcoming their self-obsessed tendencies and channeling their strength for the common good.

So why is it, with all this creative power and a string of box office hits, that Norton has not received any major award nominations in almost fifteen years? It may be that his reputation as an underground actor, and his keen awareness of his own narcissistic shadow, have psychically prevented him from signing onto projects that will put statues on the mantle. This has worked to his advantage and sustained his independent image. His recent projects have not been the type to win major awards, but as long as he keeps working, it`s only a matter of time.

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