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Calls cost $3.96/min inc GST, higher rate calls from payphones and mobile phones. Calls may be recorded, Provided by Help? 1800 050 829
Elayna is a natural clairvoyant and psychic who can also use the crystal ball and Tarot if requested. She has had her abilities since birth and has been practising regularly for 30 years. During the last few years Elayna has also developed and practised the art of healing and this ...

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Dannii Minogue
by Barney Battles
Whilst Dannii Minogue has enjoyed a successful career as a singer, dancer and television presenter, she has always been in the shadow of her sister, Kylie, whose success and public profile has often eclipsed her own. Where has the younger sister found the psychic resilience to cope with being continually compared to her older sibling?

Dannii was born a Scorpio in the Chinese Year of the Pig. Her career began after she took part in an Australian television show and won a role in the prime-time soap Home and Away. However, it was also at this time that her sisterís career was taking off, as the result of her time spent in Neighbours. Dannii went on to release two pop records, but was again outshone by Kylie, who also reinvented herself as a pop star. As the public warmed to her sister, Danniiís pop career waned and she spent some time as a childrenís television presenter, before returning to the dance-music scene and finally ending up as a judge of The X-Factor.

Dogged at every step

It seems that every step that Dannii has taken has also been echoed, with more success, by her sister. As a Pig, Dannii is possessed of an extremely sensitive nature, almost bordering on naivety. While many would suppose that this side of her would react badly to the praise heaped upon her sister, the other aspect of the Pig is one of sincerity and purity. This aspect is so concentrated that, perversely, Dannii is likely to have felt a little guilty about each success she has charted in her life. This isnít a sign of insecurity, however. While Pigs want the best for themselves, they also want the best for those around them in equal quantities.

Kylieís success will have registered in Dannii as a success for both of them, yet she will have perceived her own victories as episodes that might be considered as treading on her sisterís toes. While this aspect is a very noble and virtuous one, it can almost rob someone born under this sign of any true sense of ambition. In many ways, Dannii will be more pleased for her sisterís success than she is of her own. True Pigs are selfless in their approach to psychic balance. They will temper their own progress to let those close to them shine.

A strong pang of envy

However, Dannii is also possessed of the traits of the Scorpion and this creature will test the virtue of her porcine nature. Scorpios are innately jealous creatures who covet that which they think gives others power over them. In her darkest, most private moments, Dannii will probably have felt a strong pang of envy over her sisterís career triumphs. While some might argue that sibling rivalry is only natural, the jealousy of a Scorpion runs much deeper than that and can produce negative energies. Beneath their tough outer shells, Scorpios are very sensitive creatures, often wracked with self-doubt. Each of Kylieís successes will have chipped away at Danniiís self-confidence, producing envious and negative thoughts. However, most Scorpios are also blessed with an enormous conscience and Dannii will have punished herself for having these thoughts in the first place.

Unfortunately, this too can have harmful consequences. By feeling jealousy and then waging war on her own psyche for having these thoughts, Dannii is a bubbling broth of conflicting emotions. If she is not careful, this inner psychic battle could have harmful effects on her physical health Ė most probably her throat or voice. The voice is the ultimate outlet for thoughts and feelings and if Dannii is Ďdammingí her psyche, then this could lead to the throat or vocal chords becoming tense, constricted and subject to infection or disease. What would be far better for Danniiís spiritual and mental health would be to deal with her jealousy - and subsequent feeling of guilt - through meditative visualisation. By allowing her feelings to manifest in a controlled and relaxed fashion, she will be able to visualise them, symbolically. In doing so, she will also be able to visualise them as symptoms of something else Ė most likely, her own Scorpion insecurities. Once she has identified their root, she should then visualise them as something powerless and ineffective and set herself free from their destructive grip.

Fiercely protective

Danniiís Pig nature also drives her to fiercely protect and nurture those she loves. Nowhere was this more obvious than when her sister was diagnosed with cancer. At that point, Dannii dropped everything to be with Kylie, offering her unconditional support. The Pigís generous nature is borne out of an ability to register life on a universal scale and understanding that personal gain is not the key to psychic harmony. If Dannii is able to deal with the insecurities of her Scorpion nature, she will create a spiritual environment in which her Pig can truly flourish and lead her on to greater heights.

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