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Bette Midler
by Barney Battles
Bette Midler is one of life’s survivors. She has remained a high profile figure in the entertainment world without falling foul of the scandal culture engineered by the press and paparazzi. A comedienne, actress and singer, she commands respect wherever she goes, yet apparently wears her heart on her sleeve. In a world where the press sets celebrities up so they can shoot them back down again, what astrological forces are at work to ensure that Bette can put her head above the parapets without fear?

Bette was born in Hawaii under the Western sign of Sagittarius and the Chinese sign of the Rooster. After appearing as an extra in the film ‘Hawaii’, Midler used the money to help her relocate to New York and pursue a career as a professional actress. From 1965 to 1969, she appeared in various theatre productions, including Fiddler on the Roof and Salvation. However, in 1970, Midler turned her back on theatre to immerse herself in the growing cabaret scene. Most famously, she began singing and honing her comic skills in the Continental Baths, a gay bathhouse in the city. Were Bette’s psychic abilities so sharp at that time that she was able to see this as a shrewd career move or were her signs simply preoccupied with seeking out new experiences?

Hitting the right targets

In one sense, Midler may have been subject to the desires of the Archer. Sagittarians are born with a gambling streak that can run riot if not kept in check. The Archer likes to shoot as many arrows into the ether as possible, thriving on the excitement of waiting to see which one hits a target. Sagittarians are naturally rebellious and subversive, seeking to kick against the confines of any system they find themselves in. The traditional route to success was never going to be an option for Bette Midler. However, her decision to conduct cabaret evenings in a sauna may also have been informed by her Chinese astrological sign.

On the face of it, Roosters are materialistic, glamorous creatures who love nothing more than to strut in the spotlight and show off their plumage. However, beneath all the primping and posing, Roosters are very observant and almost unnaturally precise with their observations and understanding of those around them. In many ways, this imbues Roosters with a sixth sense. They are able to predict the future to some degree, basing their predictions on the current psychic energies that surround them. Given her situation of the time, Midler’s higher powers will have tuned into the growing desire amongst the gay community for them to be accepted by society at large. Of course, these psychic energies had been bubbling away for a long time and when they erupted it was in a flash of colour and creativity, with Midler riding the crest of that psychic wave.

Tuning her psychic antennae

Midler’s gambling instincts and psychic awareness paid off and after developing a huge following in the gay community she was spotted by legendary Atlantic Records mogul Ahmet Ertegun, who offered her a record deal. It seems that, at this time, Midler’s psychic antennae were tuning into another frequency - that of the feminist movement. The desire of women across America to be seen as equals will have appealed to her Sagittarian sense of danger and need to kick against social constraints. In typical Sagittarian style, this kick was delivered with all the power her hooves could muster. Midler imbued her material with a sense of glitz and vulgarity, using these devices to mask a deeper, more psychic message, pushing the psychic envelope as hard as she could. The feminist Rosalyn Drexler argued that she had “given camp back to women”, while Gloria Steinem noted that Midler demonstrated, “that women too are trained to be female impersonators”. Bette Midler had been at the forefront of two social revolutions and it only served to engender more respect for her and her talents.

Spontaneity and unpredictability, two of the most prominent Sagittarian traits, have played an enormous part in Midler’s life. She married her husband Martin von Haselberg in 1984, just six weeks after meeting him. However, the key to Midler’s success is her Rooster’s ability to test the psychic waters at any available time. In addition, Roosters are imbued with a keen sense of justice and will fight for the rights of those in difficult circumstances. Midler has strongly allied herself to a number of charitable causes – she is a tireless AIDS campaigner and keen environmentalist, who sponsors rubbish removal.

However, perhaps the key to her professional success is tied in to the same stars that have governed her personal life. Midler remains almost impossible to categorize and no amount of speculation will be able to predict what she does next. At her heart, Bette is a true Sagittarian - spontaneous and unpredictable. However, with her highly attuned Rooster’s psychic abilities, she can turn even the most seemingly random decision into a dynamic career choice.

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