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Does Young Love Work?
by Kes Cross
The turbulent love lives of actresses Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore have many striking similarities. Both women found love at an early age, but neither relationship stood the test of time. Demi married singer Freddy Moore, 12 years her senior, at the tender age of 18. Cameron meanwhile experienced what she thought was true love, aged 18 also, with a filmmaker by the name of Carlos de la Torre. Both relationships would end in heartbreak five years after they began.

Demi Moore’s next significant relationship was her famous marriage to fellow actor Bruce Willis when she was 25 and he was 32. Cameron meanwhile became involved with actor Matt Dillon at the age of 23, who was eight years older than her. Demi’s marriage to Bruce would last just over a decade, and the couple had three daughters before divorcing in 2000. Cameron’s blossoming relationship lasted just three years. The reasons for the failure of these young loves can be found in the stars.

Ambition and imagination

Cameron is a Virgo born in the Chinese Year of the Rat. Rats are very generous in all their relationships, and can perhaps sometimes give too much. They are also exceedingly loyal lovers, though fiercely independent at the same time. Cheerful and extroverted, the Rat has ambition and imagination by the barrelful, and this is perhaps what has propelled Cameron to the top of her profession. As a Virgo, she takes love and romance very seriously indeed, and is drawn to strong stable relationships rather than casual flings.

Demi Moore on the other hand, is a Scorpio born in the year of the Tiger. As a Tiger, she loves to be at the centre of things and has the drive to get herself where she wants to go. Tigers can selfish and stubborn at times, but are also very loving and honest. The Scorpio in her personality meanwhile may be what has led her to live her life on her own terms and to be unafraid of moving on to pastures new when the need arises. Scorpios are intensely passionate, and so need a partner who shows their love in the same way.

Demi found this person in her first husband, fellow Tiger Freddy Moore. However it may be that as Tigers they were too similar. Both had the drive and selfish stubbornness that enabled them to get ahead in their careers, but this may have caused them to neglect the relationship, and strife between two Tigers fighting each other was always inevitable. The initial strong attraction and intense emotion between Demi as a Scorpio and Freddy as a Cancer will also have ensured a vibrant physical and emotional relationship in the early days, but it may be this intensity that led the relationship to burn out in less than five years.

Mutually beneficial relationships

Likewise, the young Cameron Diaz picked a good match when she was 23 with Dragon Matt Dillon. Rats and Dragons form mutually beneficial relationships, with the insecure aspects of the Rat’s personality finding comfort in the adoration and self confidence of the dragon. This may be what led Cameron to find love in the arms of a much older and more confident fellow actor who had been there and done that years before. However as Cameron grew older, more experienced and comfortable with her fame, she may have realised that the Virgo in her was incompatible with Dillon’s Aquarius sign. Such partners feel no strong sexual attraction to the other, and as they have very different goals in life, are prone to drifting apart.

Demi’s next big relationship to action superstar Bruce Willis lasted far longer than her first marriage, but still eventually fell short of the high standards that Tigers expect in their mates. Bruce was born in the Year of the Sheep, and Sheep are particularly drawn to the beauty that Tigers exude. Demi may have also been drawn to Bruce’s creativity, but Sheep are known for being needy and often require lots of support. This might have been the eventual stumbling block that led to the downfall of their marriage, though the fact that they have remained good friends points to the good dynamic between Tigers and Sheep.

Perhaps the most publicised of Cameron’s relationships was the three years she shared with singer Justin Timberlake, nine years her junior. However, like Dillon, he was an Aquarius, and the lack of sexual attraction between the two may have contributed to the eventual end of the relationship. As a Rooster, he was also perhaps too different to Cameron for it to work in the long term. Rats and Roosters often find it difficult to pair successfully.
After a number of mismatched marriages however, it seems that Demi may have found her soul mate in Ashton Kutcher, who at 16 years younger than her was born in the Chinese Year of the Horse. Tigers and Horses get on very well together and complement each other perfectly. Both seek adventure and excitement and are known for being passionate in romance, while remaining independent. The couple married in 2005 and are currently considering having children, making theirs a relationship which is a true testament to the power that the stars hold over love.

Things look promising for Cameron Diaz meanwhile, as her current relationship with Baseball player Alex Rodriguez, which began just a few months ago, is a harmonious match between a Rat and a Rabbit. Their western horoscopes, she being a Virgo and he being a Leo, are good matches also. Only time, and the stars, will tell.

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